Sciamage’s friends doing interesting things

Here are some people who are doing a variety of things you should check out.  Some of them are creating.  Some are preserving.  All of them are worth your time.  This list will be updated from time to time as needed.  If you find a broken link, please do notify me.


Tampa Blue

Tampa Blue’s music is based on the blues and spirituals he heard growing up outside of Birmingham, Alabama. He established himself as a blues artist in Florida during the 1980s where he was that state’s first Master Artist of the Blues for the NEA’s apprenticeship program in 1991. He was also the Pioneer Florida Old-Time Music Champion for Finger-Pick Guitar in 1990.

 When asked what kind of music he plays Blue once replied, “Traditional, acoustic, Delta, slide, Piedmont, finger-style, Southern rural, pre-war, country, pre-electric with a touch of spirituals, hollers, rags and American finger-style guitar seasoning.”

Links to his music as well as booking information can be found on his site at


J.E. Tobal’s Odd Fictions & Other Lies

In his own words, “I’m a drunk, a writer, a cynic, an idiot, and I probably don’t like you.

 I was born and raised in South Florida. Many people would argue that this has ruined me for life. I left as soon was I able and came to New York City. It’s a smidge colder here, but there’s also a lot less alligators and deadly snakes. I’m fine with this.

 I began writing for the first time around 2005. Previous to that, I had always been interested in mathematics, engineering, computer programming, and graphic design (truth). I’ve written numerous stories over the years, both short and long (a number of them available for free on this site). I began writing my first, proper, long-form novel in 2010. It is currently being serialized online and is called, “A Kind of Drug.”

 Other than here, you can also find me elsewhere on the internet. Feel free to bother me, if the urge overtakes you. Apart from that, just assume I’m somewhere on the streets of New York, bottle of whiskey in hand, acting inappropriately.”

His free short fiction (as well as a few non-fictions) and updates can be found at his website A Study in Bourbon: The Writing of J.E. Tobal.  His serialized novel, A Kind of Drug, is available in multiple e-formats through Amazon, iBookstore, Google, and Barnes & Noble


Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre

Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre is dedicated to influencing the world of tomorrow by enchanting the children of today. Through the theatrical retelling of classic children’s stories, each with its own unique life lesson and moral, Bits ‘N Pieces brings to life the magical wonderment of children’s fantasy and reinforces the core values long told and emphasized by great storytellers.

Traveling the country and the world performing its original shows and conducting workshops, Bits ‘N Pieces has been unique with its 9’ tall body puppets, marionettes, and hand puppets.

Information regarding upcoming shows and how to book them for performances can be found on their site at


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