Who is the Sciamage?

The SCIAMAGE column is a space devoted to American political and social commentary and analysis.  It is unabashedly liberal, but makes every effort to present clear, verifiable facts and sound reasoning.  It also makes a commitment to clearly distinguish between facts and opinions.  This is something which is missing from so many other sources.

I am eclectically educated and bring this diverse perspective to the topics that are addressed.  Not being a fan of self-description, I prefer to let the columns speak for themselves.

Each reader, regardless of political perspective, is invited and encouraged to comment and discuss these issues in a civil and rational manner.  In addition to providing an overlooked and generally unheard perspective in America, my true hope is to spark a discussion on these issues.  A discussion that goes in a new direction.  A direction that will lead to solutions, rather than simply going round in the same unproductive and destructive circles that we as a country have been pursuing for far too long.

As one fan put it, the SCIAMAGE column is “Relentlessly unapologetic!  Fierce in prose and poignant to the American citizen.  SCIAMAGE offers a rare, eye-opening look at America as every citizen should look at it, belly up and exposed to the critical gaze of its public.  SCIAMAGE, penned by a polymath of sorts, is a true liberal voice in an America too-long deaf to shouts of reason.”

Generally published every Sunday with occasional variations from that schedule.


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