Fight CISPA Again


It’s back, and it has to be defeated, again. Go blackout to protest. Call your Senators.  Sign the petition calling on Obama to veto it. Call the White House demanding he veto it. Stay off the internet.

White House petition

Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414

Don’t JUST take online slacktivist action, but do that, too.  Go Blackout on April 22!

In case you are unaware what CISPA is, here is a brief from the EFF.


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2 responses to “Fight CISPA Again

  • Kelsey Lynore

    How are you blacking out on

    • Just Torch

      Hi Kelsey,

      Thanks for reading. Obviously, I can’t blackout all of WordPress, and I was not going to remove all of my blog entries. Largely this post was about raising awareness of the efforts across the net.

      Specifically though, if you look through my blog history, you’d see I typically publish a much larger entry on Sundays. I chose to publish just this short entry and leave it for the week. I do not have a large readership, but the readers that I have do come throughout the week. For this week, this message is all they will see. A short call to action on this issue.

      Hope you will come back for more.

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