They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

So we’re expecting over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the Republican Party. And let me just tell you, I do believe that is their goal – to just shove us into the dustbin of history. I’ve been in these spots before. I remember November of ’06, January of ’07 — we’ve been through these periods before. And you know, our members get down, our supporters get down.  – Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Right disHonorable, John Boehner

aka Chicken Little, Mr. Overly Dramatic.

However, I do wish it would happen.  It would be really nice if, at this point, the Republican party would cease to exist.  We have one major right wing party.  We have multiple fringe extreme right wing parties for those who are too far right for the Democrats.  Perhaps then, we could get an actual, viable, functioning and active liberal party in America.  Maybe we could pull the political center back to the actual center.

The Republican party is certainly in disarray right now.  The Tea Party faction is pushing them further and further to the right, and despite how far the politics of America has been pulled to the right, this is making more and more of America uncomfortable, as witnessed by the last election.

Even the mainstream of the Republican party is starting to fight amongst itself.  Chris Christie, as recently as the nominating convention was hailed as a rising star in the party – the next big thing even – has openly “rebelled” against the party leadership for their failure to act when they chose instead to play partisan games.  Christie was slammed by the party heavyweights for giving compliments and thanks to the President for his assistance and bipartisan efforts following Super Storm Sandy hitting the New York and New Jersey area in October 2012.  That’s what putting aside party politics and focusing on doing your job will get you from conservatives!!  Remember that, kiddies.  It’s not about right or wrong from these folks.  There are higher values.  It’s about the party second.  Their dollars first.  You are, at best, a distant afterthought to be considered while enjoying drinks and cigars in front of the fire.

Bobby Jindal, Republican governor of Louisiana, is perhaps openly mocking the party’s superstar and most recent vice-presidential nominee, Paul Ryan.  Perhaps, he’s only challenging him.  Either way, he’s clearly challenging the established pecking order.  How dare a non-white, non-hispanic Southern Republican think he might have a shot at any power within the ordered good ol’ boy network that is the GOP?

Sarah Palin (remember her?) is not having her contract renewed on Fox.  Her time is up, even there.  Now she can either return to obscurity or she can go the route of Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, who are only listened to by hard core right wingers, and those who are keeping tabs on them.  Otherwise, they are completely irrelevant.

So, what happens from here?  Realistically, it is highly unlikely that the party goes away.  Not yet.  It does, however, face a real crisis, and personally, it will come as no surprise to anyone who has been reading along that I think this is a fantastic thing.  They will either realize that it is not how they have been communicating, as many of their top talking heads have been trying to paint their failures.  It is, in fact, the message itself.

In his remarks on Friday, Mr. Priebus said the party needed to improve its technology to compete with Democrats, but also focus on returning to the basics of building a strong get-out-the-vote operation. He did not talk specifically about the divisions inside the party over fiscal and social issues, but he urged Republican officials to be driven by their overarching goal: winning elections.

No, Mr. Priebus, the issue is that your overarching goal is to win elections.  That is, in fact, the perfect summation of your problem.  You have lost sight of anything other than the pursuit of power.  (The problem is that the Democrats are only marginally better.  They too, by and large, have lost sight of anything other than the pursuit of power.)


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