The One Party Road Show

President Obama was “swept” into office in 2008 on a “wave of hope and change”.  Except that wave turned out to be another mirage.  This is truly not at all surprising.  It really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has been paying attention.  It returns us back to a point that I have been making for years.

The POTUS recently made the point so eloquently, I’d like to let him do so because he was speaking to a bunch of reporters at the  Associated Press Luncheon on April 3, 2012, and we all know that means it wasn’t actually reported!  My reference is the official transcript from the White House, which can be found here.  Video for your viewing pleasure below.

Our POTUS has a habit of comparing himself to others.  He has compared himself to Eisenhower, his change to Gandhi and Mandela’s struggles, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, and to Ronald Reagan.  And, in this speech he has reiterated a shared belief with all of these and more, though I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a comparison with them.

What is interesting is that in doing so he often makes the point that there is no significant difference remaining between the Republican and Democratic parties.  As I have said in the past, both parties have done great things for the country, and we should never forget that, but now, they have both become so corrupt that there is no saving either party.  The belief that voting for a third party candidate is throwing away your vote is what allows these two factions of the great beast to maintain their systemic abuse of the country and its people, but we have to recognize our own complicity in that abuse!

Okay, back on track.  Mike Lux blogging on Huffington Post was just thrilled to see Obama “explicitly tie Ryan and Romney to their Social Darwinist ancestors”.  I grant that Obama talks a great game.  Much like Ronald Reagan, he is a great communicator.  Unfortunately, his actions have belied his words.  Apparently, like so many people, Mr. Lux has only been listening and not watching.

This is not just another run-of-the-mill political debate.  I’ve said it’s the defining issue of our time, and I believe it. It’s why I ran in 2008.  It’s what my presidency has been about. It’s why I’m running again.  I believe this is a make-or-break moment for the middle class, and I can’t remember a time when the choice between competing visions of our future has been so unambiguously clear.

The problem, of course, is that we are not shown an actual competing difference in visions.  Obama campaigned on ending Bush’s policies on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, yet when he had the opportunity to do so, he essentially carried out the precise same time table that the dear ol’ Shrub cabal had been proposing.  He campaigned on getting us out of Guantanamo, and yet, here we are, still in Guantanamo.  His “signature” legislative piece, the Affordable Care Act, he sat on the sidelines for until the very end, and then, caved on almost every significant part of.  He caved so badly that the vast majority of it doesn’t even go into effect until after he would have to be re-elected.  In other words, there is a very good chance it might never go into effect, regardless of what the Supreme Court decides, because subsequent congresses and the next president, if he isn’t re-elected, may pull the plug on it.

So, the really telling part of POTUS’s comments come in the Q&A at the end.

 And so I think it’s important to put the current debate in some historical context.  It’s not just true, by the way, of the budget.  It’s true of a lot of the debates that we’re having out here.

I agree, Mr. President.  Lets.  I’ll allow you.

Cap and trade was originally proposed by conservatives and Republicans as a market-based solution to solving environmental problems.  The first President to talk about cap and trade was George H.W. Bush.  Now you’ve got the other party essentially saying we shouldn’t even be thinking about environmental protection; let’s gut the EPA.

Right.  So, the so-called Democrats, essentially admit taking the Republican idea and running with it.  Part of the conservatives dragging the entire political center to the right and the political “left” not having a backbone to stand up and say no.  But, let’s continue.


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2 responses to “The One Party Road Show

  • americanliberaltimes

    I hope we never have the opportunity to see what the Right Wing has in store for us if they get their hands on the reins of power again. In that day people will probably look back on Obama with great favor. As I see it, the things that the Right are proposing for America are nothing short of Draconian.

    • Just Torch

      There are many problems with that. One, Obama has shown that he either isn’t liberal or he has no spine. If he believes the things he says then he lacks the willingness to fight for those things. Either way, he is a collaborator. At best, he is center-right. We must judge him by his actions. His actions show this. Nothing he has done since taking office defines him as a liberal. As the speech I reference in this entry illustrates, by his own words, the policies he has been pursuing are right wing policies. Center right, but right wing nonetheless.

      The right wing already has their hands on the reins of power. They control the senate through just the hint of a filibuster in the media. They control the house out right. They control the SCOTUS.

      Thanks for reading!

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