Fighting (Super)fire with (Super)fire!

Yes!  This is an excellent sign of engagement!  As you may recall, I have been arguing that we cannot withdraw from the system if we intend to salvage it.  (I won’t rehash the save v. destroy discussion here.)  I have also been arguing that in order for the Occupy movement to not become completely irrelevant, it has to mature.  These are sure and long overdue signs of that maturation.



These are the serious, non-comedic versions of Stephen Colbert’s Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.  Which is not to say that Colbert is not serious in his way, because he certainly is.  He is also, I hope, being very successful in driving home the point.  However, there are elements that will avoid him specifically because the method of delivery is comedic.

Okay, so these are unsophisticated first steps.  These are not the experienced, groomed political operatives of the Democan/Republicrat machine.  Yes, and?  There is nothing wrong with that!  I have not been, and I would hope that none of us are, opposed to the power to the people approach.  These guys are picking up the shovel and attempting to start digging themselves.  Now that they have, everyone else has to step in also.  It has to be a joint effort, of course.  Give if you can.  Spread the word!

We have to stop just talking.  We have to stop just squatting.  Direct action can’t just be heckling the politicians and protesting.  Those are important, but that can’t be all that we do.  We also have to be engaged in the political process.  We do not have the numbers, or let’s be honest the commitment of the majority of the numbers we do have, of the people who made the Arab Spring happen.  The Arab Spring that so many in the Occupy want to claim alignment to.

And, why is that?  Because most of us simply haven’t lost enough to get that level of commitment.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.

But, we still care.  We still see the inequity in our den.  Just because we recognize that we are better off than so much of the world, does not mean that we can not strive to fix our own system.  It does not mean that we cannot strive to be better.  For in doing so, we can put ourselves in a better position to help others.

So, again, get off your ass and get engaged!!  Speak out!  Educate yourself and everyone else!  Let them be aggravated with you.  Do what you have to do to make the world a better place, even if it is just your little neck of the world.


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