NPR’s Hypothetical Constitutional Convention

This is interesting, and unscientific.

NPR’s Hypothetical Constitutional Convention

One thing I found particularly interesting in reviewing the results is the inherent refutation of the charge made by many on the right that NPR listeners are anti-gun. At the time that I am seeing the results (and it is still live), it is 62% against the hypothetical amendment related to guns. Maybe this will make some small little dent in that article of faith which as with so many, bears no real connection to the facts.

See, here’s the truth.  NPR is part of the mainstream media and for all that you have been told that the media is liberal, it isn’t.  The mainstream media ranges from Ultra-right wing, FOX, to moderate, NPR, with NBC, ABC, MSN, CBS, CNN and all the other mainstream outlets falling lockstep in along on the spectrum.  There is no LIBERAL component to the mainstream media.

This myth actually comes from a single poll done from one news room in the early 80s.  This was then perpetuated throughout the echo chamber, and so many people bought into it, that they started seeing what they wanted to see, and it became part of the effective war that led to the political center being dragged to the right.  But, I digress.  (I will write more on this later.)

The point was, that at the time that I saw the results, and I will check back, the voters on this hypothetical, and again statistically insignificant, poll were not coming out in favor of changing the constitution to restrict gun rights.  Quite the contrary.  They were standing 2-1 in favor of protecting gun ownership.  Even those in the moderate camp are not in favor of taking your guns away, as though they want to pry you away from mommy’s precious nipple.  Many on the actual left will even more solidly support the 2nd amendment.

Not on the basis though of silly arguments like the NRA has made that one needs a fully automatic rifle to hunt deer.  You make that argument, and I’m going to suggest we arm the deer, because you, sir or ma’am, are an idiot.


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